About Us

We are Africa’s First and leading Youth driven SDGs Club. With a strategic vision to Engage, Empower and equip potential leaders to take action in pursuit of the achievement of the SDGs across Africa.

  • To build Capacity of young people and youth led organizations in Africa with relevant training and resources to champion the popularization, implementation and monitoring of the Sustainable Development Goals at the local and national level.
  • To strengthen the role of volunteerism to achieve the SDGS.
  • To mainstream gender, equality and non-discrimination, as core values in the implementation of the SDG’s, with a special focus on young people.
  • To amplify the role of ICT, progressive technologies and social media in the creating awareness about the global goals.
  • To promote mutual accountability, intergenerational dialogue and partnerships for SDGs.
  • To Emphasize and special focus in addressing youth unemployment, extremism irregular migration and youth in conflict.
  • To finance youth development and budgets to accelerate the implementation of SDGS.
  • To Creating synergies and joint implementation strategy for SDG’s in Africa.
  • To promote research and documentation on youth related matters.
  • To promote the role of youths in the implementation and monitoring of the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • To Engage, Equip, energize, Connect, Collaborate, Co-ordinate young people to have the right to participate in decision making process at all levels.

Give Scholarship

You know that feeling when a child’s destiny is fulfilled through your singular action Today. You could volunteer as:

Donation Water

Volunteers can support the delivery and sustainability of Club17 Africa programs, promoting chronic disease awareness to improve health and value of Clean drinking water at country and community level.

Environmental Protection

Working towards the conservation of rare plant and animal species and the environment by participating in conducting research and collecting data, re-forestation efforts, educating communities about conservation, and more.